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In the early 2000s, a concept emerged in the public space of post-Soviet cities, as « Zhek-Art » (Housing office art). Public utility workers, guided by the aim of upgrading the territory, using materials found on site, create aesthetic compositions. These objects according are following quite the same type and their manufacturing plans can be found in the public domain on the Internet.
One of the most popular examples of this genre is the swan made of tyres. The project to put the "Swans" in their natural environment has been


made within the framework of the Symposium BIRUCHIY contemporary art ECO, during spring 2015.
The Biruchiy peninsula is facing on one side the Sea of ​​Azov, on the other Utlyuksky estuary, where the installation is located.
The objects themselves were found and borrowed from the recreation center "Pearl of the Carpathians", 15 km away from the venue of the symposium.

© Тексты о работах: Олена Червонык, Виталий Атанасов

© Дизайн: Денис Рубан 

© Переводы: Лариса Бабий,

Екатерина Кочеткова, Марьяна Матвейчук,

Куролай Абдухаликова

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