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Biruchiy Island. Region of Zaporozhye. Ukraine. 2013

The project was born in the middle of an empty pool, fountain leftover in the recreation center "Gold Coast", which is located on the Biruchiy peninsula. Artists-participants and guests of the Symposium 013 Biruchiy agreed on the idea of bringing back the fountain. This spontaneously formed collective was called UKRGRIBBUD (UKRGRIBSTROY), and included: Zhanna Kadyrova, Denis Ruban, Timofey Kalashnikov, Andrey Stegura, Ilya Isupov, Nastya Loiko,

Vladimir Gulich, Andrew Nebaba, Victor Pokidanetz, Vitaly Atanasov, Marsel Onisko and others.
Guided by the fact that mushrooms tend to absorb everything that is in the soil around them, all elements of the work were collected on the territory of the recreation center. Plumbing pipes, park bin, broken boilers, concrete slab-bottom - everything was applied!

© Тексты о работах: Олена Червонык, Виталий Атанасов

© Дизайн: Денис Рубан 

© Переводы: Лариса Бабий,

Екатерина Кочеткова, Марьяна Матвейчук,

Куролай Абдухаликова

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