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Cuba, Havana. 2019

The idea for the project was born and fulfilled in Havana during the artist's visit to Cuba in Winter-Spring 2019. The works reflect on the conflicting experiences Kadyrova had in contemporary Havana, where an everyday routine is dominated by numerous questionable rules, invented by the communist bureaucracy. As the landscape of the city contains the elements from different epochs — from colonial architecture to socialist modernism — Kadyrova constructs objects of details that were gathered in the streets and

courtyards, in repair shops and factory floors. The resulting frivolous images rhyme with the figures of exotic Carribean fruits. The intractable and complex logistics of materials and objects represent the ubiquitous logic of the gray economy pervading all levels of Cuban society. These issues are relatable to Kadyrova as she also experienced the total corruptness of late Soviet society, paradoxically combined with naive dreams of capitalism and excessive consumerism.

© Тексты о работах: Олена Червонык, Виталий Атанасов

© Дизайн: Денис Рубан 

© Переводы: Лариса Бабий,

Екатерина Кочеткова, Марьяна Матвейчук,

Куролай Абдухаликова

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