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Carpathian Mountain, Ukraine

The project consists of three-dimensional objects which take the form of abstract geometric figures. In contrast with the flowing lines of a mountain landscape, sharp angles and straight lines look like some alien objects. However, being made of ice and snow, they became a natural part of the surrounding environment. A constant change in lighting is crucial for theproject: the figures were perceived differently in bright daylight, at dawn, sunset, and at dusk. At night, objects were illuminated with colored lights.

The work was made during the Fantazery audiovisual festival on Mount Dragobrat in the Carpathians in March 2019.

Photo: Natalia Diachenko

© Тексты о работах: Олена Червонык, Виталий Атанасов

© Дизайн: Денис Рубан 

© Переводы: Лариса Бабий,

Екатерина Кочеткова, Марьяна Матвейчук,

Куролай Абдухаликова

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